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Why Should You Care About User Experience in 2023?

User Experience (or UX Design) is a term used to describe the quality of a person’s experience when interacting with technology, especially the Internet.

What Is UX Design?

UX design is a user-centric design approach that takes the needs and demands of the user at every stage of the design process.

People who visit your website are looking for something, and it is your job to figure out what that something is. UX design is all about asking the right questions, starting with “What do our users want?” and then constantly reassessing whether or not the website you’re creating is meeting your goals and the needs of your users at every stage.

User Experience
good user experience

To better understand your customers, you have to put yourself in their shoes and imagine what their journey is like while using your website. Knowing your audience will help you understand what motivates and, in turn, increase your chances of conversion.

Why Is Your Website’s User Experience (UX) So Important?

1. User Satisfaction

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Three seconds is all it takes for a user to evaluate if a website or app is worth their time and attention. If customers feel like you can’t meet their needs or handle their concerns as efficiently as they would like you to, they are likely to abandon your site and look for another one.

The majority of customers will not return to a website or patronize the brand after a negative experience. This is why it’s important to put your customer’s needs first and make the time they spend on your website as pleasant as possible.

2. Brand Reputation

brand reputation

More often than not, customers learn about a new product through the Internet and form their impression of a brand by the experience they have with its website. As a business, your website serves as the face of your organisation.

People will judge you and your brand based on how good or bad your website is. That being said, you should continuously work on improving your website experience if you want to earn the trust of your target audiences.

3. Customer Retention

Yeab Future
customer retation

Websites with poor usability are less likely to attract visitors, especially now that a lot of people are accessing the Internet through their mobile phones. In fact, as much as 79% of users would leave a website with complicated navigation/processes and look for another. On the other hand, your customers will likely spread the word about your website and return for another purchase if they are satisfied with the experience they had on your website. If your website is having a hard time retaining customers, it might be a good time to invest in improving your UX.

4. Sales and Conversion

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Why Should You Care About User Experience in 2023? 6

What are the chances of you purchasing from a store with poor customer service? You’d likely get frustrated and leave without buying anything, right? Well, the same is true for online shoppers.

A consumer’s purchasing decision is heavily influenced by the quality of their journey on your website. Quality user experience plays a critical role in encouraging visitors to take action and is what keeps customers returning to your site to buy your products or avail of your services over and over again.


User experience can make or break your website. But if that is so, why is the Internet still swamped with websites with horrible user experiences?

The reality is that designing a great user experience is by no means a simple feat. As with any marketing strategy, you’ll need to invest time, effort, and money to elevate your website into something you can be proud of and your customers will be happy to explore.

However, the main reason why many websites fail is not that brands and businesses don’t have the money to develop them. It’s because they don’t make the user experience a priority. If you want your website to reach its maximum potential, you need to pay more attention to the quality of your UX.

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